Danlan.org is the portal gay website in mainland China, there are registered users all around the world, it has become the first choice and favorite gay websites in mainland china. Danlan has adhering to the purpose of "humanities, health, welfare, entertainment, interactive," and providing the most cutting-edge, fashion, and authoritative services for all Chinese all around the world. We has successfully cooperated with the governmental association such as the CDC.



Name: DANLAN(Setup at:18th,Nov,2000)
Website Address: www.danlan.org www.gengle.net www.idanlan.com
Aim: Humanities, Health, Welfare, Entertainment, Interactive
Slogan: Love Danlan As Love Ourselves
HRoot: Danlan.org Bf99.com sosogay.cc



News: We provide the latest news about the LGBT community from all over the world.
Dating:BF99.com is the gay-dating portal in mainland china. Wish you find the partner in it.
BBS: bbs.danlan.org will provide the healthy community lifestyle for you
Magazine: DanNan is a magazine that Danlan.com established in 2006.DanNan has been popularized with the gay community in mainland china.
Literature: Tens of thousands of authors published their works at Danlan.org. We has published the MuTing, My Twin Brother is A Money Boy, Good morning BeiJing, Courage exclusively.
Blog: blog.danlan.org is the pioneer gay blog in china. Zhang Beichuan, Cheng Qingsong, Zeroangle had settled down at Danlan.com
NGO: Danlan.org has successfully cooperated with the governmental association such as the CDC.
Video and Broadcasting: Danlan.org provide the online broadcasting service.

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